Music Licensing Information

Free music
(Creative Commons License)
MP3-file only

Most music in our library is free to download and is licensed under the Creative Commons License. This means:

• The music is free to download and free to use for purposes mentioned in the chart below

• You must give credit to us by adding our website URL to your project's description. 

Commercial licenses
(Standard, Extended, Unlimited access)
MP3 & WAV-files

In these cases you will need to buy one of our licenses: 

• There is no free download available. 

You are unable or you don't want to credit us.

You want to use the music for purposes mentioned in commercial licenses. See the chart below.

How to Credit?

Proper ways to credit us would be:

• "Music by:"  
• "Song Title -"

Different licenses

You can choose between 3 licenses:

• Standard License
• Extended License
• Unlimited License

License chart

Find here which license is needed for your project.